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It’s important that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solutions you need. So, check out what others have said about us! Here is just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said along with other properties that we closed on..

Closed May 2023

"Anthony is AWESOME! He made everything so easy. He was available via phone call and/or text message as soon as I needed him. The whole experience was an absolute pleasure. Thank You again Anthony for everything!!"


Ramona - Akron, OH

Closed March 2023

"Very smooth close"


Dayton, OH

Closed February 2023

[No review available]

Cleveland, OH

Closed February 2023

"Thanks Anthony! It all went fine, glad it's over and it was great working with you! You getting the [non-paying] tenants out was great. Game changer. Big time thanks to you. And I'll 100% refer you if opportunity is there. Thanks man!"


Ricky - Indianapolis, IN

Closed November, 2022

"Thank you again for your help!"


Maria - Cleveland, OH

Closed July, 2022

"I'm so glad we went with Anthony and his company. He made it extremely easy. It was just an easy and fun process all around. Everybody has been very nice. This whole thing has been a great experience!"


Beth - Cleveland, OH

Closed April, 2022

"Anthony made this whole process super easy. He was very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with you."


Sebastian - Cleveland, OH

Closed March, 2022

"Thank you all!"


Rodney - Memphis, TN

Closed February, 2022

"Thank you for all you've done Anthony! Working on Sundays and being a great listener! It's been great working with you 😊. I am lucky to have you!"


Tracy - Fort Wayne, IN

Closed January, 2022

"This whole process was just great, it definitely was far more better than my expectations from start too finish. Great job to all.. It was great, simple and smoother than I thought. Thank you."


Bruce - Indianapolis, IN

Closed December, 2021

"It was fast once I got the tenants out and you were a pleasure to work with. Thank you, and I wasted no time paying off that consolidation loan. I have less than $xxxx left, but my debts are paid! That is a good feeling. Thank you again!"


Dorothy - Indianapolis, IN

Closed November, 2021

"It was good to work with you. You were very responsive to any questions I had and did your best to see that all went well all the way through. Appreciate you keeping the dialogue open and keeping your word. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in a similar situation.. I've had many calls from people wanting to purchase our property, both before and after our agreement. I feel very confident that I made the correct decision when I chose to work with you.  Thank you! "


N. Ross - Indianapolis, IN

Closed October, 2021

"My experience in dealing with Anthony and his company was very professional! He always gave plenty of time for the inspections that needed to be done.  His communication was open and made the sale of my home easy. I would definitely work with Anthony and his company again."


Gary - Fort Wayne, IN

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Link to original review post by Fernando: https://goo.gl/maps/VevmuwJ9kJPkH8TM8

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