Frequently Asked Questions

Having to sell your property can be a stressful and sometimes exhausting feeling for home owners. It can be even more tiring if you have pressure coming in from outside situations. Here are some frequently asked questions that we have answered to help you. However, we encourage you to call, email or text us for any other questions you may have.

What if I have not paid off my mortgage on my home?

If you still owe money to the mortgage lenders, do not worry. Not every homeowner owns their house free and clear. We can still make you an offer on your home, no matter the circumstances.

You buy homes for cash. How much cash are we talking?

We prefer to purchase homes with cash since it makes buying a property that needs some TLC a lot easier. However, how much TLC the house will need is how we can determine our cash offer.

You say you buy "as-is". What do you mean?

We are real estate investors. Our goal is to the look for properties that could use some work so that we can raise the value of the property after we purchase from you. So when we say "as-is", we mean leave the property in the condition that it is in, right now. We will take care of it.

Are you guys real estate agents at Real Seed LLC?

We are not real estate agents so we do not put your house on the MLS. We are the buyers of properties so there is no need to put your house in such databases.

What if I am currently renting out my property?

This will not be a problem. If your property has tenants that are renting from you, we can still purchase your home. We will just need to know what the lease terms are and other information on the tenants.

What kind of fees do you charge? Commissions? Closing costs?

We do not charge you any fees for our services, nor do we charge you a commission. We will also cover the closing costs for your home! The consultations are free and there are no obligations to us.

I am facing forclosure and I need help now. Can you help me?

We certainly can. Call us ASAP! Time is of the essence in these situations and we have to act fast.

Call us now at (866) 881-0069

I am going through the probate process. HELP!

Call us ASAP! The sooner we can remove these difficult duties off your plate, the sooner you can focus on the other assets in the estate. We can assist with real estate management, personal property management and repair and maintenance management.

Call us now at (866) 881-0069

We strive to make this transaction as trouble-free and simple as possible. Our intentions are to create an easy experience for you so you can spend your time living your life. - RSI

We offer:

✅ Free consultation

✅ No real estate agent fees

✅ Sell home AS-IS

✅ No repairs needed

✅ No appraisal

✅ Fair cash offer

✅ We pay closing costs

✅ Closing on your terms

✅ No Hassle

✅ No B.S.!

Real Seed, LLC is a real estate solutions and investing company based in San Francisco, CA. Our goal is to help home owners with their real estate needs. If you are interested in selling your home or in need of any other services, reach out to us today. We are looking to help!